Saturday, April 12, 2014

2014 Mini Masters


2014 Champions
Jim & Paula Otis (36)*
$90 Pro Shop Credit
*Won in a Sudden Death Playoff on the 5th Extra Hole

2014 Runner-Ups
Leo & Marcia Baily (36)
$85 Pro Shop Credit

T-3rd Place
Keith & Lindsay Busch (37)*
$70 Pro Shop Credit

Mike & May Kay Hopkins (37)*
$70 Pro Shop Credit

John White & Ellen Sands (37)*
$70 Pro Shop Credit

Dave & Leann Olivier (37)*
$70 Pro Shop Credit

John & Shelly Penza (37)*
$70 Pro Shop Credit

T-8th Place
John Peto & June Rickey (38)*
$45 Pro Shop Credit

Gene & Sophia Balkovec (38)*
$45 Pro Shop Credit

Tom & Gerri Hill (38)*
$45 Pro Shop Credit

Jim & Diane Renzi (38)*
$45 Pro Shop Credit

Gene & Elaine Urban (38)*
$45 Pro Shop Credit

T-13th Place
Art & Susan LaFountain (39)*
$10 Pro Shop Credit

Jeff & Sheri Williams (39)*
$10 Pro Shop Credit

Ron & Christine Johnson (39)*
$10 Pro Shop Credit

Don & Bard Dieterich (39)*
$10 Pro Shop Credit

Pat & Gloria Rynd (39)*
$10 Pro Shop Credit

Steve & Donna Rolando (39)*
$10 Pro Shop Credit

Steve & Bonnie St. Jean (39)*
$10 Pro Shop Credit

1 on #9 - Jeff & Sheri Williams ($80 Cash)
1 on #12 - Bill & Carolyn Painter ($80 Cash)
1 on #15 - Jim & Paula Otis ($80 Cash)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Take the...
100 Day Golf Challenge
from Silver Lake Country Club

19 Days to Go: A little help from a Orange Whip Training Aid to improve your tempo and transition

20 Days to Go: Flop Shot...make sure you swing!

21 Days to Go: Hard Packed Sand....use the leading edge!

22 Days to Go: Scott Pollack from Callaway Golf stopped by to tell us about the new Big Bertha and Big Berth Alpha Drivers!

23 Days to Go: Taking relief from Casual Water on the Putting Green

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's BACK for 2014!

Feeling lucky this year? 

Entry Fee: $10 for  an individual, $15 for a couple (fees will be charged to your member account at the end of the season).

Eligibility: All Silver Lake Country Club Full Golf Members and their spouses.
Rules: Hole-In-Ones will only be honored for those that are made only at Silver Lake Country Club between Men's Opening and Closing Day.  At least one witness must be present.
If there are no Hole-In-Ones during 2014 season, the money will carry over into the following year’s program (those participating in the program in 2014 will not need to pay again to join the club in 2015)  Refunds will not be given.
Awards: Prize money will be paid out in the form of a Golf Shop Gift Certificate at the End of Year Awards Banquet.
If you are interested in joining the Hole-in-One club, 
YOU MUST SEND an email to Joe at

Monday, March 31, 2014

Take the...
100 Day Golf Challenge
from Silver Lake Country Club

25 Days to Go: Choke Up A "1/4" inch To Help In Soft Conditions!

26 Days to Go: As the weather starts to turn…work on turning on your tee shot!

27 Days to Go: Let It Run With The 8 Iron!

28 Days to Go: Ball position with the Driver!

Notice to Members on Handicapping Policies and Procedures

The Handicap Committee of Silver Lake Country Club is responsible for all aspects of the USGA Handicap Systemincluding the computation of each member’s Handicap Index.  As a Committee, we will verify that all acceptable scores are reported for handicap purposes.  All recorded scores will be made readily available for peer review.

The role of the Handicap Committee is to ensure the integrity and accuracy of all the handicaps earned by the golfing membership.  It is also the responsibility of the Handicap Committee to ensure that all golfers who play in competitive events comply with the requirements of theUSGA Handicap System.  Two basic premises underlie this system, namely that each player will try to make the best score at every hole in every round and that every player will post every acceptable round for peer review.  By accomplishing these objectives, our competitive events will be fairer and more enjoyable for all who play.

To accomplish these objectives the Handicap Committee will educate, inform, communicate, advise, audit and assist in all matters at Silver Lake Country Club relating to the USGA Handicap System.  In advance, we would like to state that your cooperation and support in this regard are very much appreciated.
Attached on the next page is a basic primer that will provide you with what is required by members to produce an accurate Handicap Index and course handicap as required by the USGA Handicap System.  

While you are most likely familiar with all of this information, some newer golfing members may not be.  We ask that you review the information in anticipation of the upcoming season.  All of the information is available on the SLCC Pro Shop Blog ( under the Handicap Corner tab.  There is additional information here as well including links to USGA Handicap System online and the GHIN website as well as some FAQs that might help you understand the handicap system better.

The Handicap Committee is looking forward to an exciting new golf season and appreciates your attention to this important information.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to communicate them directly to any member of the committee.


Silver Lake Country Club Handicap Committee

Mike Fulmer, Committee Chair
Joe Leenheer, Head Pro
Howard Essner
Mike Gilliland
Maryann Miano

Silver Lake Country Club Handicap Policy

To play in competitive events associated with Silver Lake Country Club it is essential that each player conform to the player’s responsibilities outlined below:

1. Players must have a USGA GHIN Number to establish a Handicap Index.  This number is available through the Pro Shop.

2. Players must post all scores of rounds that have been played in an active season under the Rules of Golf, regardless of where the round is played.  This posting may be done using:

a. The posting computer outside of the Pro Shop in Handicap Corner
b. On the GHIN website (
c. On the GHIN mobile app

3. If a player plays 7 to 12 holes, a Nine Hole Score must be posted.  13 or more holes played require that an Eighteen Hole Score be posted.

4. Rounds played in some SLCC competitions shall be entered as Tournament Scores.  For 2014, the SLCC competitions to be posted as tournament scores will be:

a. All Club Championships
b. Blazer Qualifiers and Matches
c. Presidents Cup
d. One-Day and Three-Day Member Guests
e. Ladies Emerald and Diamond Derbies

5. All scores should be posted in a timely fashion.Timely means upon completion of the round, except in cases of "away" scores or when the access to posting methods is limited, timely means within 24 hours.  Scores posted for dates preceding the most recent effective Handicap Revision are subject to audit by the Handicap Committee.  Handicap Revisions will take place on the 1st and 15th of every month.

6. For holes that are unfinished or strokes that are conceded, post a score for that hole by determining your “most likely score” for the hole.  The “most likely score” is the actual number of strokes taken added to the estimated number of strokes needed to finish the hole from the position more than half the time, in the player’s best judgment.  When turning in a scorecard, this score should be accompanied by an “X”.

7. For any holes that are not played or not played under the Rules of Golf, post par plus any handicap strokes that the player is entitled to receive on these holes. When turning in a scorecard, these scores should be accompanied by an “X”.

8. Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) sets a maximum number of strokes that a player can post on any hole based upon the player’s current Course Handicap.  For handicap purposes, a player is required to adjust a hole score (actual or “most likely”) when it is higher than the players maximum ESC number.  When turning in a scorecard, these scores should be accompanied by an “X”.  ESC charts are posted in Handicap Corner.

9. Should you make a mistake when posting a score, please contact the Handicap Committee Chair or the Head Pro so that it can be corrected.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Take the...
100 Day Golf Challenge
from Silver Lake Country Club

29 DAYS TO GO: Tee it high (enough) and watch if fly!

30 DAYS TO GO: Don't let downhill shots make your scores go downhill!

31 DAYS TO GO: Course Management 101

32 DAYS TO GO: Create "LAG" to increase distance 

33 DAYS TO GO: Joe goes "live" for the today's tip at the NOPGA Spring Meeting

34 DAYS TO GO: Posture your grade school teacher would be proud of!

35 DAYS TO GO: Swing up the slope!

36 DAYS TO GO: Use a "CD" to check your set up!

37 DAYS TO GO: Hold It Like You Would a Baby Bird!

38 DAYS TO GO: Practice with Rain Gloves on...just in case!

39 DAYS TO GO: Use a Hybrid for something other than long shots!

41 DAYS TO GO: Get your ball rolling towards the hole by…rolling it!

42 DAYS TO GO: Follow through on those pitches

43 DAYS TO GO: "Tee it Where?"

44 DAYS TO GO: A simple drill to check your takeaway

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Friday, March 7, 2014

Take the...
100 Day Golf Challenge
from Silver Lake Country Club

45 DAYS TO GO: A "Penny" worth of advice

46 DAYS TO GO: Use visualization in your practice to get better results on the course.

47 DAYS TO GO: Eye on the ball…but which part of the ball?

48 DAYS TO GO: Course Management courtesy of the PGA TOUR...playing for Bogey.

49 DAYS TO GO: Mike shows you an easy way to work on keeping your putts "on-line".

50 DAYS TO GO: Ball above your feet? Fear not! Joe's got the tips to help you navigate this pesky lie!

51 DAYS TO GO: STOP..and GO! Try this drill to check on your swing and learn how to accelerate!

52 DAYS TO GO: You wouldn't wear a shirt that didn't' fit…why are you putting with a putter that doesn't fit?