Friday, October 31, 2014

Port St. Lucie, FL
Wannamaker Course
National Car Rental PGA National Assistants Championship

Not every player in the field had a gallery  but our Assistant Glenn did!  Tim and Candy McDonough followed Glenn during Round One yesterday of the PGA National Assistant's Championship providing the Pro Shop with some mid round updates.  After speaking with Glenn the day before, it was evident that the butterflies were flapping.  After a very very nervous swing on the first hole which cost Glenn a bogey, he bounced right back with a birdie on the second.  Glenn said that birdie really helped calm him down, and after that he felt very comfortable.  A bogey at the par 5 13th (his 4th hole of the day took Glenn back to +1.  He couldn't get a putt to drop and rattled off 8 straight pars.  A minor stumble on the 4th hole was quickly erased as he birdied the 5th.  He would end his round with 4 straight pars and finished Round 1 at +1 and tied for 57th place in the field of 132 players.  Glenn tee'd off at 8:00 AM this morning (Friday).  Scoring updates can be found at

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Inaugural
Silver Lake Country Club
Challenge Cup


2014 Champions
The Kelly Group (-24) 
Every person in the Group will receive $18 in Golf Shop Credit
P. Grenfell/T. McKinnon (-10)
F. Middelberg/B. Bockbrader (-10)
J. Bernhard/M. Parks (-4)
E. Ruper/M. Graziani (-4)
C. Hickson/M. McGuinness (-3)
B. Mossor/T. Porto (-2)
G. Shellhorn/D. Glessner (-1)

The Lombardo Group (-22) 
S. Yahner/G. Jones (-9)
P. Elings/T. Grulkowski (8)
L. Bailey/J. Williams (-5)
B. Faller/E. Cornell (-5)
J. White/R. DiLillo (-5)
J. Leone/A. Stanwick (-3)
R. Sharnsky/T. Mroczkowski (-3)

The Fulmer Group (-16) 
M. Fulmer/R. Archer (-7)
D. Ryan/S. Cochrane (-5)
W. English/S. St. Jean (-4)
K. McCreary/E. Weber (-1)
M. Lyman/P. Laczo (-1)

The Blue Tee Group (-13) 
J. Teller/M. Forman (-6)
B. Kruse/M. Guadagni (-5)
P. Howren/R. Haury (-2)

The Rango Group (-10) 
H. Hopkins/J. Penlington (-4)
R. Rango/J. Brannon (-4)
T. Strenkowski/B. Midian(-2)

The Ladies 18 Holers (NS) 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Glenn receiving a gift from the Members 
Dear Members,

I am so proud to be your Head Golf Professional.  I know how much we all love seeing our Assistant Glenn succeed on and off the course.  After he qualified for the National Assistants Championship I knew that he would need financial assistance to travel to and participate in the event.  Even before I could get the Titleist Bag ordered (which was used to raise money for Glenn), you took it upon yourselves to begin to collect money on his behalf.  

Through YOUR efforts, Glenn's trip is paid in full and he can compete worry free.  Thank you so very much.


Joe Leenheer, PGA

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Most of us give our all day, every day attention to what is unfolding before our eyes.  In the process, we react to current circumstances rather than keeping our sights set on the things we want and desire.  If we are not being particularly mindful, we use what we see before us as proof that conditions are accurate and real.  All the while, we fail to recognize that we only “see” things the way we do because of memory and preexisting habits of thought. We can only see what we already believe to be true, which is a very different process than using the imagination to create what we want to see. 

- Spirit of Golf

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The 2014 Men's 
Flighted Match Play

Final Results

Championship Flight
2014 Champion
Mark Guadagni

2014 Runner Up
Jim Durr

T-3rd Place
Dave Rine
Ric Haury
($25 Per Player)

A Flight
2014 Champion
Greg Helmick

2014 Runner Up
Doug Hartman

T-3rd Place
Al Miano
Mike Gilliland
($75 Per Player)

T-5th Place
Tim McKinnon
Ed Ruper
Phil Howren
Matt Dawley
($25 Per Player)

B Flight
2014 Champion
Kevin Garlock

2012 Runner Up
Bob Wolf

T-3rd Place
Bill Artman
Dan McCoy
($75 Per Player)

T-5th Place
Rich Rango
Nate Timberlake
Mike Hoffman
Dave Ryan
($25 Per Player)

C Flight
2014 Champion
Richard Sharnsky

2014 Runner Up
Jim Johnson

T-3rd Place
Rob Fink
Rick Archer
($60 Per Player)

T-5th Place
Terry Endress
Tom Mroczkowski
Steve St. Jean
Mike McGuinness
($20 Per Player)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Congratulations to 
Kevin Garlock
for winning the pot in this years

How much did he win?
$1000 golf shop credit :-)

Honorable mention goes to 

Ty Barksdale 
whom Aced the 6th hole on
October 2nd

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Men's
2014 Blazer 
Match Play Championship

Final Results

Congratulations to our 2014 Champions
Mel Blazer & Phil Howren
($225 Per Player)

2014 Runner-Ups
Brian Mossor & Gregg Shellhorn
($175 Per Player)

T-3rd Place
Fred Jabbour & Greg Helmick
Dan McCoy & Steve Montgomery
($125 Per Player)

T-5th Place
Paul Sheeks & Rich Broda
Brandon Pauley & Nate Timberlake
Drew Patterson & Dave Silverman
John White & Mike Hoffman
($75 Per Player)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

2014 Men's
Closing Day Tournament

Congratulations to our 2014 Champions
Phil Howren
Rick Archer
Ed Cornell
Max DeCheco
$70 Each - 14 MC Points Each

2nd Place
Mike Fulmer
Jim Renzi
Jeff Williams
Matt Parks
$50 Each - 12 MC Points Each

3rd Place
Bill Kruse
Tim Truby
Jay Penlington
Eric Weber
$30 Each - 10 MC Points Each

4th Place
Will English
Brian Lawhead
Kevin Garlock
Gene Balkovec
8 MC Points Each

5th Place
Ric Haury
John Bernhart
Hubert Hopkins
Chris Guanciale
6 MC Points Each

6th Place
Fred Jabbour
Mike Rasor
John White
Frank Middelberg
4 MC Points Each

7th Place
Ed Ruper
Dave Olivier
Howard Essner
Jim LaFleur
2 MC Points Each

Closest to the Hole
#3 - Will English ($40)
#6 - Dave Olivier ($40)
#12 - Hupert Hopkins ($40)
#17 - Ed Cornell ($40)